How to find and remove viruses on Android and iPhones

Last Updated on March 3, 2020

Android and iPhones virus protection is a part that everyone should enter, and free virus protection can be as good as a paid one, at least when you do not have any protection virus. Because new viruses are constantly being generated, antivirus protection is never guaranteed, but a new antivirus program is recommended if you are stopped with a new virus that has been identified by the antivirus software you use. how to detect viruses on Android and iPhones

Increasing data usage

Once you notice the sudden increase in data usage, it may mean that a virus runs back on your device or tries to use the Internet to send information from your phone. (When you live in it, learn how to control data usage on mobile phones).

Excessive app crashing

Software collapse occurs instantly, but if your apps rely on, without any cause, your phone may be infected.

Adware pop-ups

Many pop-up advertisements are just interesting, not bad. The good news is that you can easily block them from using Ad Blogger browser extension or free opera browser, which has a built-in ad block. However, if you show pop-up ads on the Android device or iPhone, even if the browser is low, bad apps may cause bad pop-ups that are trying to steal your data.

Phone bill more than usual

Other malware is attacked by sending high-speed SMS messages over the phone, causing the phone bill to hit. In addition to removing the inbox, last year Ztorg Trojans were found.

Unfamiliar apps

With fake apps, if you recover the app on the phone then remember to download, stay away! It aims to identify non-Android phones, to delete unknown apps.

Faster battery drain

Malicious apps can use a lot of energy, which causes battery damage on your Android or iPhone. If the battery runs faster than usual, do not remove the virus because.


While your phones is overheating normal usually unsafe due to multiple factors for many reasons, it is possible that due to viral infections

How to remove the virus from the iPhone

Removing iPhone virus is very easy because viruses and non-computers cannot break into iOS.

clear history and data

If you are dealing with a pop-up window or an “error” message in the Safari browser, this should be useful. Just go to Settings and access the Safari tab. Then tap Delete history and site data.

Retrieve from previous security

If the above method does not solve the problem, try to retrieve your phone from the original backup

Restore as a new device

This is the last thing, but if everything fails, you can completely remove the device and start again. Do to go to Settings> Comics> Reset> Delete content and all settings. And as well, you can grow out of ashes as a simple Phoenix.

Always protect your device

Well, if you’re using an Android device, it’s best to ensure that reliable use of antivirus applications, such as AVG antivirus for Android, which is trying to hack device or personal data can inspect your application and file for any threat.

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