Ways hackers can hack your account and password

Last Updated on July 5, 2021

The technology growing with hacking is growing with advance technology which is becoming dangerous.  Accounts and password are to be theft by some phishing sites, emails, etc. by hackers.

Below are some breakdowns of very common ways of can get into your data.

  1. Mass Theft: Around 60% of the users using same username and password. Hacker run a program to hack the username and secure phrase to get into your account. Until unless your using unique complex password.
  2. Wi-Fi Monitoring attacks: Have you ever signed in to use open Wi-Fi? At that point of time you password may have been sacrificed. When you enter your username and password the programme capture the data. It means they currently have your data for that particular site that you open on that open Wi-Fi network.
  3. Phishing Attack: Its happen when you start getting phishing email like your bank account is hacked or you have made that big purchase or online lottery etc. When a user open that phishing email and click on the link, your detail share with the hackers and they will freeze all the thing on your system and gather all the bank detail and other important thing from your system.

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