What is a Man in the Middle Attack

Last Updated on March 3, 2020

Man-in-the-middle attacks are a popular kind of cyber-security attack that allows hosts monitoring communication between two goals. These attacks occur between the two communication hosts allowing the attacker to overhear” conversations, which are usually unable to hear, so the name hence the name “Man-in-the-middle”  Name. Intervening in the middle
Here is a typical type of MITM attack on business

Email Hijacking

In the above case, accountants use this deliberate email account for larger agencies, especially financial institutions and banks. Once they have access to the key email accounts, they will monitor the activity in their most possible attack. For example, they can wait for a situation where the customer will send money and respond to the company’s email address and banking data, not company data. In this way, the customer thinks he pays his payment to the company, but in fact, he sends to a hacker.

Wi-Fi Eavesdropping

Many MITM attackers develop a Wi-Fi connection. One of the critics will set up a Wi-Fi connection with a legal name. The whole Hacker is pending to connect and will get your device access immediately. Alternatively, the hacker can create an artificial Wi-Fi node as a secret access to Wi-Fi so as to steal the personal information of all those people.

Session Hijacking

After you enter the site, the connection has been set up between computers and websites. Vendors can use their site to take their sessions in many ways. One of the most popular choices is biking browser robbery. If you do not know, cookies store up-to-date information that makes you feel comfortable with you How to stop the man-in-middle attack

Strong WEP / WAP encryption at access points

Having a powerful encryption device at wire access centers prevents unwanted users connecting to your network. Text implementation is consistent, secure.

Virtual Private Network

You can use VPN to create a secure environment for sensitive information on your internal network. They use base based encryption to create the subnet for secure communication. In this way, even if a striker comes in a divided network, he can not get rid of traffic in the VPN.

force HTTPS

HTTPS protocols can be used to communicate safely through HTTP using public and private key conversion. This prevents the attackers using data that can hide. The site should use HTTPS and should not provide an alternative HTTP. Users can install browser buttons to implement HTTPS on demand.

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