Why your phone gets hot and how to fix it

Last Updated on November 19, 2018

If your phone gets hot then there are several possible reasons. If you’re using an iPhone or Android device, look for how to call your phone, how to solve the problem and how to prevent it. There are many common and unusual reasons why your phone may require more power than usual, hence making it hot.

  • Gaming for long periods of time

If you do not have Candy Crush or Snake vs. Block marathon you can lie, or in any way, you should use public transport. The vast majority of games available on mobile devices are one of the main reasons for buying a smartphone. However, high-level gaming uses the basis of software based on the phone as well as the graphics program, so your phone can get hot.

  • Streaming content

Similarly, for the game, watching YouTube or Netflix for hours on Android or iPhone is definitely another (how it looks) is a way to work more on a mobile app, as it uploads video data and performs a long time exhibition. working on time. Time.

  • Your settings aren’t optimal

Phone settings affect how much you use power Screen facing a complete explosion? Animated images? Widget, widget everywhere? Consider reducing unwanted settings (or if there is a screen brightness) to reduce the load on your mobile app.

  • App updates

If there are any errors or other problems in the app, then it can make a significant use of the device app. It is important to keep updated the software because updates are often caused by a bug.

  • Software updates

It is impossible because the update or error in the operating system can be updated which updates are required and update.

How to fix it

To get a quick fixing first try to remove the phone cover. Although the case should not be caused by heat, it can absorb heat. Removing this can help you slow down your phone temperature. Then run the air condition to avoid operating battery functions such as wireless audio, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi or cell phone search.

  • Use low power – Low power system on iPhone and Android battery-saving ways to reduce the amount of power consumed by the phone, and can also help maintain battery life.
  • Install junk cleaning software – another important way to reduce the battery and the power of the processor on your phone. Clean software such as AVG Cleaner makes it easier to clear nonregistry files, identify low-level displays and remove unwanted software installs before, so your phone performance is better and battery life can be expanded.
  • Reduce screenshots – Setting screens in good brightness (without full explosion) will make battery voltage (with your eyes).
  • Turn off Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth – enabling the battery discharge function gives them a break, and performs it.



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